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     I am cool but can't bear injustice. I am Honest but Diplomatic also.. I am Co-operative.. but Straightforward also. I am funny but short Temper also... Ever I act as to control the circumstances, Its my Style....Its my Life . . No Boundaries ???

Amit Kumar

"A warrior must learn to make every act count, since he is going to be here in this world for only a short  while, in fact, too short for witnessing all the marvels of it "  

Hi Friends..

            welcome on mine personal website.
this website is all about me.. and mine life.

         Since I came on this planet I am experimenting on almost everything which is around me. I always like to know that how things work; What is the basic knowledge it features? I Remember, at that time I was 6-7 years old. My father bought a toy to me, I saw this toy for first time, experimented on it and at last destroy it. It gave me lot of satisfaction as I came to know how that toy was designed, why toys legs were moving round and round? What was the use of spring in the body of that toy?

And m still doing the same, trying to do something innovative........

Amit Kumar

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