Journey of my Life

Hi friend..

welcome on this page.. this page will tell you about my life. I had mentioned all the sweetest moments of the life which i remember. And I will be update it continue .

Quotes okkkk so friend.... first let me tell you about my birth i was born on 2nd may 1988 in a small village of Rewari district {HARYANA}. I'm from a middle family. nd about my family... their are six member Grand father:- Shri Ram Rakh father:- Shri Hari Singh Mother:- Shakuntla Sister:- Suman Brother:- Karamvir and last one.... d last one is me........ most stupid member of my family.... . . . . . Quotes
smthing about my lyf
some unforgaetable moments.......

Quotes The history of Rewari is contemporary to the history of Delhi. During the Mahabharata period, a king named Rewat had a daughter named Rewati. The father used to call her Rewa. He founded a city named ?Rewa Wadi? after her. When Rewa married Balram, elder brother of Lord Krishna, the king donated the city ?Rewa Wadi? as dowry for her daughter. In course of time, the name Rewa Wadi became Rewari. Rewari was a district of Delhi province during Akbar's time and included several parts of the modern other districts of Haryana and Rajasthan. It was made a tehsil of Gurgaon district by the British in 1862. Following Rao Tula Ram's revolt, it was included in Punjab, where it continued until 1972, when it was made a tehsil of Mahendragarh district. It became an independent district in 1989. The district has three tehsils: Rewari, Bawal and Kosli. Quotes
Rewari......My district